I’ve been on Squarespace for quite some time now, but I’ve been reluctant to move to their newer versions. Considering how little I was posting, it wasn’t worth paying more each month for that. There are some pretty nice tools and features on there, but really, I wasn’t using them.

Additionally, the iOS experience for Squarespace was pretty mediocre. Especially if you haven’t upgraded your site. The apps, when they worked, they were pretty poor. And the support for markdown was less than ideal.

Moving to Jekyll brings with it a number of benefits:

  1. It’s pure markdown, so it works more the way I want it to.
  2. There are lots of themes available and the majority of them are already responsive (like this one).
  3. It supports nice code formatting for examples.
  4. github provides a way to host it that doesn’t cost any extra
  5. The content is much easier to control, since i have a copy of it locally in addition to living in github.

We’ll see how often I post. I’m thinking that this blog is going to expand a bit in scope. I do a little less testing and a bit more automation and development.