I monitor the  FitNesse Yahoo Group and do my best to answer questions there. I can’t answer them all, as there are many uses of FitNesse that I have little to no experience in (for example, CSlim). I do like to help though when I can.

Unfortunately, folks don’t always provide enough information. it’s a common trap that we all suffer. We use something so much in one specific way, and we forget that other folks might use it differently. Or we are working with something that seems so basic, but forget a little detail that will help someone respond faster.

The committers worked together and we came up with this message that we will be sending out on a regular basis to that list to help remind folks how to ask for help.


Welcome to the FitNesse Yahoo Group. FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework, and this is the official discussion group for it. It is important to note that FitNesse supports multiple languages and a number of test fixture styles. The range of languages and options makes it really important to provide as much information as possible. A wide range of FitNesse users read this list, and they are very willing to help ­ and they can only help you, if you help them to understand your problem.


Please make sure your problem has not been answered recently. To do so please make sure it is not mentioned among the most recent entries on the list. You can view these here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fitnesse/messages

When you ask questions or have a problem, it is really best if you include the following details to help the others answer your questions faster:


  • Version of FitNesse

  • Test System: SLiM, Fit, FitLibrary

  • Programming Language

  • Operating system

  • Any other tools, frameworks or fixture libraries you’re using with FitNesse (i.e. SpiderFixture, RESTFixture, DbFit, etc.)

  • If possible table examples and code snippets


Additional resources for FitNesse users:


  • The FitNesse website: http://FitNesse.org

  • FitNesse Source Repository: http://github.com/unclebob/fitnesse

  • FitNesse defect tracking: http://github.com/unclebob/fitnesse/issues

  • FitNesse tag on stackoverflow.com: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/fitnesse


Thank you for your interest in FitNesse and your involvement in the discussion group.


The important thing to understand in lists like the FitNesse yahoo group is folks really want to help. We don’t have a strict monitoring policy, yet people are civilized and do their best to help when they can. And the best way to get someone to help you, is to enable them to do so.