Yesterday Apple was handed a huge victory against Samsung. As an Apple partisan, I was feeling rather vindicated.

Let’s be honest, Samsung copied icons and imagery. For goodness sake, thy made their cables and chargers into black versions of the Apple ones. They imitated too well the Apple style. Then they made fun of fans who love products so much, that people wait in line for them. And what company selling a product doesn’t want that kind of loyalty?

But then the part of me that hates our patent system steps in. The part of me that knows there are small developers who have good ideas and that can’t do anything with them because there are trolls out there that will sue them for making a product that uses some obvious patent. And I think about Apple winning and wI wonder who really lost.

I don’t know if this will really be an apocryphal event in the phone biz. I just want everyone to have he cool phone they want, whatever OS it runs.