So, I’ve been using a range of open source tools for a long time now.  Vim, Eclipse, FitNesse, FreeMind, TuxPaint (for the kids), and even a little bit of Ubuntu.  I haven’t really contributed much back to the communities I’ve particpated in as a consumer.

Today I put forth my first child into the world.  I created a syntax coloring script for Vim/gVim.  It’s still pretty  rough.  I have some more slim and Fit/FitNesse syntax to support.  I also should add some FitLibrary support, even though I don’t use that.

If you love FitNesse, and you use Vim, it’s a natural.  So far that isn’t too many people.  As of this posting, only 5 people have downloaded it.  And none of those are a vanity download.

If you are interested, you can find it here: